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September 2021 Thank you for saving 1000+ lives

We are proud to announce that Wonder Paws Rescue has saved the lives of 1000+ dogs and cats! All of this is ONLY possible because of our amazing fosters, volunteers, adopters and donors!

We need your help to continue saving lives! Can’t adopt or foster but want to help save an animal’s life? You can make a donation by clicking here or purchase much-needed items from clicking here to see our wish list. To Become a Monthly Donor Click Here, NO AMOUNT is too small! -FEATURE STORY- Par For The Paws 2021  Wonder Paws Pet Rescue is excited to host our first annual, charity golf tournament FUN-raiser where a hole-in-one could win you a brand, new Tesla driving machine. We invite you to take part in “Par for the Paws” on Saturday, Oct. 23rd, at the Pembroke Lakes Golf Club.  At 11:30 a.m., golfers register, at 1 p.m., we host a shotgun scramble and at 5 p.m., we celebrate with a banquet. Money raised will help Wonder Paws rescue abandoned pets and find adopters who will provide loving homes. Help give a voice to abandoned, orphaned, abused, and forgotten animals.  
To support the success of Par for the Paws, we are inviting you to attend the event and play golf and/or attend the banquet, participate in the raffle/silent auction or donate to our raffle and/or silent auction. Any donations, gift certificates, raffle or silent auction items, underwriting or monetary contributions are greatly appreciated. All donations are tax deductible. Click Here For More Details

A Penny for Your Thoughts…
Meet Penny! Penny is a 4 month old lab mix puppy who is very vocal and loves to chat with her people when she’s excited, bow wow wow. After her walks in the mornings, she comes inside ready for breakfast and runs around the house greeting everyone while doing her mumbling growls (they are happy growls). Penny is doing very well with her potty training and sleeps in her crate at night. Penny came all the way from BVI and can’t wait to meet you! Penny’s adoption fee is $400 Click here to apply!

A Berry Loveable New Friend!
Berry came to us in May in terrible shape. Since then, he has gone to countless appointments at the ophthalmologist and was on several medications to heal his eyes. As you can see, Berry’s third eyelid remains slightly up but don’t worry, it’s just superficial and doesn’t cause him any discomfort. The vet recommends a daily drop of lubricant in each eye to keep them nice and healthy. Berry doesn’t mind getting medicine and will patiently sit in your lap while you apply his meds. He is now fully healed, healthy, and ready to find his “fur-ever” home. His foster mom says he is the gentlest boy, gets along great with dogs and cats, loves to lay on her lap during car rides, and makes the cutest chirping noises. Berry also loves being picked up and will purr up a storm with the slightest touch. He loves all his toys and will keep you smiling with his goofy personality. Whoever ends up with this kitty will be so lucky!  Berry’s adoption fee is $125.
Click here to apply!

Thanks to Wonder Paws Rescue, last year on August 9th, this totally awesome knucklehead came into my life. The work that they did to save him is just incredible. He was named Austin, but I renamed him Bodhi after Patrick Swayze’s character from the movie Point Break. Also, not a coincidence that Bodhi means awakening, referring to perfect wisdom in Buddhism. 
He was likely a day away from dying as he laid there on the Miami streets longing for someone to save him. He was malnourished, couldn’t walk, covered in bugs, couldn’t go to the bathroom and covered in wounds all over his body yet his will to live prevailed. A couple of Miami police officers found him and turned him into Wonder Paws who basically brought Bodhi back to life through extensive medical care and surgeries. 
I just can’t imagine my life without him. We’ve already been through so much together, both amazing times and very tough times, as I lost my mom to Alzheimer’s and my stepmom to cancer within a three-month period. Through it all, Bodhi provided unrelenting loyalty, laughs and unconditional love. He has been my rock, and he is without a doubt my best friend. 
Bodhi loves to play with every dog he meets and when he sees someone coming towards us on a walk, he lays down and waits for them to come to him so he can say hello. He really does have a heart of gold.
Rescue animals have been a part of my life since I was a little kid slaying my big wheel tricycle. My grandmother was way ahead of her time with her love and devotion to rescues and strays and she instilled that love in my sister and me. At one point, she had six Dobermans, two mixed breed dogs, three cats, a Myna bird and a squirrel that were all rescues. My mom was the exact same way and every dog and cat we owned growing up were rescues. Some of them just showed up in our yard. I’m convinced that the energy my mother and grandmother put out into the universe let animals know that they would be safe and cared for if they found their way into our home.
I look forward to every day with Bodhi and I am super excited for our future together! Thank you Wonder Paws for everything you do and thank you for trusting in me to provide the best life for Bodhi. He deserves every bit of it. Love you Bodhi boy!  

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