January 2022 Sponsor a Senior, NO AMOUNT is too small!

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Wonder Paws Rescue needs your help! We are in desperate need of supplies and donations for our current medical/hospice dogs. Donations of collars, harnesses, leashes, senior food, treats, beds, wee wee pads and cleaning supplies are deeply appreciated and can be put to good use in our foster homes.  Cash donations always go very far in helping care for these sick and injured animals.  *We would also love to remind you that these cash donations are tax-deductible. 
Senior Supply Wish List
Danny is a 10-year-old Shih Tzu stray that we pulled from the Broward Shelter. Danny had a huge tumor on his face which was successfully removed a few days ago. He has a grade 5/6 heart murmur and will need to go to the eye specialist. He has an enlarged heart and will require several medications for the rest of his life. 
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Luana is a 10-year-old terrier mix who has been living with her foster mom for over a year and a half. Luana was found emaciated and tied up in a shed full of garbage. She relies on expensive medications for her heart condition on a daily basis and needs another surgery to remove a mammary tumor. Unfortunately, this is her second operation to remove mammary masses and she will be taking antibiotics and liver supplements for the next few weeks to prepare for the surgery. Click here to sponsor Luana!
Yuki is a six-year-old Shih Tzu who is undergoing treatment for Meningitis. She has been going to the neurologist since January of 2020 and has shown incredible improvement! Each treatment costs $300 and she has been receiving them since March of 2020. She will continue her treatment for the course of the next 6 months. Yuki has come a long way since we pulled her from the shelter with a possible leg amputation, blindness and neurological symptoms. 
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Sandy is a blind senior Shih Tzu that we pulled in August from the shelter.   She had two major surgeries to remove her mammary masses and started chemotherapy this past October. Sandy is on her 4th session of chemotherapy and will need a few more to ensure she is stable and in remission. Sandy has been battling chronic ear infections, but we have continued to treat her ears aggressively to save her hearing.
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Coco and Puff.jpg
“Fostering is one thing, but we can’t adopt any dogs,” - these were my famous last words.  My wife Hailey was obsessed with fostering puppies, so she applied, passed a Zoom interview and in-depth vetting process and we were approved! The cutest pair of littermates named Luke and Liv showed up on the adoption IG page.  We messaged the agency, but they’d already been snatched up. A few days later, Luke and Liv popped up on the page again. Once more, somebody beat us to it. Four days later, the process repeated. Hailey messaged the agency for the third time, and it was definitely the charm. Luke and Liv were finally coming to stay with us, if just for a short time. 
We started preparing for the pups’ arrival, buying toys, assembling their cages and making sure we had plenty of food and treats on hand. When they handed Luke over to me, and Liv to Hailey, we both melted.  The pups were scared at first, confused and shy in their new surroundings. We let them sniff around and check out this strange new world as if they were deciding to stay or not. Happy to say, we passed the sniff test. Before long, they settled right in, turning us into a family of four, for the time being, of course.  We nurtured the puppies and stayed by their side as they navigated those crucial first steps on their journey of life. The agency set up all the necessary medical appointments, and Hailey dutifully drove them to the vet’s office, comforting them throughout the entire process. Every day was filled with pup tasks. It was a lot of work, but so worth it. Luke and Liv added a spark of joy to our lives that was almost indescribable. 
In the crucible of training and learning and playing together, an unbreakable bond formed between us all. We believed Luke and Liv were a divine intervention in our lives. So, we decided to take the plunge, diving in headfirst into being foster fails who would stay forever.  Luke and Liv officially joined our family, and we gave them new names: Coco and Puff. Aside from my marriage to Hailey, my relationship with these two additions to our family is the best thing that has ever happened to me. This experience has opened up so many new doors. I recently created a trust fund for all pups to help finance their medical needs including deworming, vaccinations, spaying and neutering. Typically, these financial burdens are shouldered by the rescue agency.  However, Trustfundpups (website coming soon) will contribute to all the costs associated with rescuing pups before they go to their adoptive families. This fund will ensure that all rescued pups are independently wealthy and self-supporting. Stay tuned for more details mid-January 2022.

I would like to thank Wonder Paws Rescue for rescuing Coco and Puff, and for being the vessel responsible for introducing these little miracles into our lives. 
Pet-Positive New Years Resolutions
After the “tennis ball” drops at midnight on January 1st, we all will begin creating our annual new year resolutions for 2022. Keep your furry friends in mind this year and add some pet owner new year's resolutions to your list to ensure your furry friend has an amazing 2022!
Here are a few pet-perfect resolutions: 
●      Walk your pet at least once a day: get in that exercise for the both of you!
●      Sign up for pet training/obedience classes
●      Start a healthier diet or learn how to make a new yummy pet treat
●      Go on a pet adventure: hiking in the woods, a puppy park, walks on the beach, anything out of the ordinary routine! 
●      Teach your pet a new trick 
●      Spend more quality time with your pet 
Whichever resolution you choose, remember you are your pets' world. Good luck and have a fabulous 2022!