December 2021 CLEAR THE RESCUE!

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What better way to end the year than to give cute and cuddly shelter kitties a new home to celebrate the holidays? Florida animal shelters set a lifesaving record in 2020 by saving nearly 9 out of every 10 animals, however saving cats still remains the biggest challenge. Due to the pandemic, there has been an increase in temporarily fostering animals but our goal is to find these pets permanent adoptive homes. This December Wonder Paws Rescue will be participating in “Clear The Rescue” where all of our cats and kittens will have a reduced adoption fee of $25. Join us in the gift of giving this holiday season and change a kitty’s life by welcoming them into your home. Check out our website for more information: VIEW OUR ADOPTABLE PETS
Polly.jpg T
he Paw-Feet Present 
Interested in finding a furry addition to gift your family this holiday season? Meet Polly, a 3 month old puppy who is full of life and looking for her forever home. Polly is a sweet, playful and gentle furry friend making her a great addition to any family. Not to mention her pawfect paws that suggest this cute and cuddly puppy will one day grow into a big gorgeous girl. If you want to watch Polly blossom in your home, we will be accepting applications for her very soon! Stay tuned for more updates.
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Sweet and Tangy Tangelo!
A kitty just as sweet and enjoyable as his name suggests, Tangelo checks all the right boxes to be your next perfect kitty companion. If you are looking for a pet to join your family that is just the right mix of independent and cuddly, look no further. Tangelo is helpful (will be “on top” of any computer work you have to do); punctual (reminds you when it’s feeding time with a sweet meow), thoughtful (will protect you from any toy mouse that enters your house), compassionate (knows just the right time to snuggle next to you), and fun (always ready to play). Tangelo is four months old and is fully vetted. Apply to adopt today!
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SECOND CHANCES My Pride for Clyde
Clyde Before .jpg
The name Clyde has origins in Scotland and means "warm" and "friendly" which is fitting as this snowy white marshmallow keeps me cozy all day long.   I was at the shelter when I saw Clyde for the first time. I couldn't imagine how this beautiful, gentle giant, who also happened to be blind, was coping in his chaotic environment. Wonder Paws Rescue allowed me to bring him home to foster. Not only was he blind and 25 pounds underweight, but Clyde was also heartworm positive. It took him more than 24 hours just to wag his tail and over a month before we heard him bark. He flourished though under our loving, watchful care and went through his heartworm treatment like a champ. After just a few months, it was clear that his foster home was really his forever home. Truth be told, his kind soul melted my heart the minute I laid eyes on him.     Today, this big-hearted, happy-go-lucky and gregarious tale-wagger weighs in at 85 pounds of fun. Eating is Clyde’s second favorite pastime right behind giving and receiving affectionate love and kisses. I could not imagine my life without Clyde and I am so grateful for every ounce of drool.  By: Kim McBride
Clyde After.jpeg
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As the most wonderful time of the year is upon us, us pet parents will want to include our furry friends in all our holiday festivities. However, we must be careful and make sure our four-legged family members stay safe and happy while we are enjoying this holiday season. Here are some helpful tips.
Be Careful With Seasonal Decorations
Ensure Christmas trees are tightly secured to avoid falling and hurting pets Avoid spilling tree water as it may contain chemicals that can upset your pet’s stomach Don’t leave candles with open flames unattended or on low surfaces Keep all string lights, wires, batteries and glass ornaments out of paws’ reach
Holiday Food Dangers 
Keep pets away from unattended plates that may contain toxic treats and sweets Fatty foods and bones that aren’t going to be ingested by humans should not be given to pets either  Stock up with pet-friendly treats so you're not tempted to give your pets non-furry friendly food and they can still join in on the foodie fun Pet proof the house before guests arrive so there is no need to worry once the party gets started