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Donate to Win

It is a very special $5 Friday and we need your help 🙏 With just a $5 donation to help our animals you will be entered to win a 12×12 canvas print of your furry family member. We have many medical cases and ongoing cases behind the scenes but wanted to touch on 9 special ones.
Starting with Angel… this sweet mom was rescued from a trailer park after one of our volunteers found her and her two babies eating trash from the floor. She was previously owned by a resident of the trailer park but they didn’t want her anymore since “she was too small to breed.” She is underweight and infested with parasites. The family needs to be treated and will be up for adoption when they are healthy and fully vetted. Vetting mom and babies: $950
Our sweet Daphie has been fighting an aggressive and highly contagious fungal infection for the last 3 months and taking medications while she was patiently awaiting her eye removal surgery. She has finally been cleared for the surgery and we are hoping for a speedy recovery. Her surgery alone is approximately $700.
King came to the rescue after living the horrible life of a bait dog. His external wounds were deep, but with a lot of TLC have finally healed. Unfortunately, he is also heartworm positive. He received his first heartworm treatment injection yesterday. Heartworm treatment is a long and painful process and he will be on cage rest for the next month until he can receive his next two injections. Heartworm Treatment: $900.
Presley was rescued from the shelter in terrible shape. We knew about his serious skin infection but quickly realized there was also a pronounced kink in his tail. After an exam and x-rays, our vets confirmed a fracture and that he was in a lot of pain. He is taking oral pain medications and they put a splint on him for the next few weeks in hopes that we will not have to amputate the tail. Current Treatment: $400
Lilly came to us with a massive tumor in her ear and heartworm positive. She has had countless vet visits and tests due to ongoing infections and health concerns. Lilly finally finished her heartworm treatment and had a negative test result. This week she went in to be spayed and had four cysts and two mammary tumors removed. The doctor also had to do a hernia repair. Her treatments have surpassed $3000.
Luana has been in medical treatment for 6 months. We have been battling an ongoing cough and bronchial infection. After many tests and treatments, we are hoping that the echocardiogram she is scheduled for next week, will shed some light on what our dear Luana is battling. Echocardiogram and xrays: $800
Kendall is 1 of the 30 kittens we have taken in this last month. She has 4 siblings who had to be treated for ringworm and upper respiratory infections. This is very common right now with stray kittens that have been brought to the rescue because of the rain. As you can see in the picture she has been receiving sulfur lime dips to treat her skin since she is too young to take oral medications.
If you’re not able to enter the raffle this Friday, don’t worry! Our raffle will be open for entry until the end of this month. Every $5 donated is equal to 1 entry.

Help Minnow the Chihuahua

Meet Minnow!

This little guy was found injured a couple days ago and brought to Broward County Animal Care in need of a rescue group for further medical treatment. Of course we could not say no! Our foster/puppy coordinator, Melodie, rushed over to pick him up immediately. He has wounds on his inner right leg and swelling/irritation around his rectum. After radiographs, we see his tail is completely fractured & there is nerve damage to the distal part. He will need a tail amputation ASAP. He is currently boarding at Pet Express Animal Hospital and is under evaluation. We are still waiting to see if he is able to go the bathroom on his own. Minnow’s tail amputation will be $1,500 (bill pictured). Please help us get him the medical treatment he desperately needs!

We cannot save dogs like Minnow without your help.

How you can help! Please consider donating toward his bills by using the below links or by clicking the donate button.


We got a call from the Miami-Dade Animal Shelter about Daphie, a 1.5 lb kitten who had a laundry list of health issues, we picked her up and sent her to our vet to confirm that she had an upper respiratory infection, an eye that was so damaged that it will need to be removed and was severely underweight. Just one week at her foster home and Daphie gained 1 lb and is doing great!

Look who is settling in great at her foster home! She even has 2 Persian foster siblings just like her 😻 Daphie is a sweet girl with a big personality… Lots of purrs! She is doing a lot of resting & gaining her strength before she can go in for surgery to have her eye removed. We can’t wait to see her transformation! Thank you to all of our amazing Daphie supporters 🐾♥️ Stay tuned for more updates on this sweet girl! #wonderpawsrescue

Posted by Wonder Paws Rescue on Sunday, August 23, 2020

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We are so grateful to have been featured on South Florida’s Deco Drive.

Thank you Deco Drive and Quarterdeck Restaurants for hosting a few of our rescue pups. They LOVED the doggy menu and playing in the yard. If you’re looking for a perfect way to celebrate #nationaldogday, look no further! 💚 #wonderpawsrescue The Dana Agency

Posted by Wonder Paws Rescue on Wednesday, August 26, 2020